P0005 - Fuel Shutoff Valve 'A' Control Circuit Open

System Information

A fuel shut-off valve is used to block the fuel supply to the pump when the engine is switched off.
The fuel shut-off valve will normally be located on the body of the fuel pump and will operate using an electrical solenoid valve.
The method used to shut the fuel off will vary between different fuel systems and manufacturers.

Fault Code Explained

Although this fault code indicates that the control signal is open circuit, this does not always mean there is a complete break in the circuit.

The fault code can also be set for the following reasons:

Recommended Tests

Identify the type of fuel shut-off valve fitted and also the method of control, this may be a switched earth which is either on/off or a frequency/duty cycle signal

Due to the variety of systems for fuel shut-off, it is recommended to follow the manufacturers fault finding information when this fault code is stored