P0008 - Engine Position System Performance (Bank 1)

System Information

The ECM uses various sensor inputs to calculate and monitor the angular position of the Camshaft(s) and Crankshaft.
The positions of the Camshaft(s) & Crankshaft can then be used as a reference to control Ignition Timing, Injector Operation & Variable Valve Timing systems.

Fault Code Explained

This fault code will be stored when an undefined fault has occurred within the engine position monitoring system for Bank 1.
The ECM will probably have detected a signal that is outside of it’s normal operating parameters or a signal that is not expected for the current engine operating conditions.

Recommended Tests

It is recommended to check the following systems and components.

Checks should include sensor outputs, wiring and physical checks of teeth / rotors on Camshaft and Crankshaft pulley